Transform your E-bikes into Professional Food Delivery Machines. 

Do your couriers lock vehicles and food boxes on every delivery?

Save up to 1 hour a day per vehicle, by switching to electronic locks and keyless access.

Do you waste too much time on key management every day? 

Reduce your fleet management workload by remotely assigning vehicles to couriers.

Do you struggle with delivering food on time?

Plan food preparation based on the time left for the next vehicle to become available.

Upgrade your e-bike fleet with the most efficient IoT connected locking and tracking system, made in Europe.

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

Up to 3 e-locks included

CAN bus port

Keyless access

Secure data communication

GPS tracking

Force impact recognition

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

Time to home

GDPR compliance

Fleet management

Remote access control

Vehicle and delivery statistics

Predictive maintenance


E-Locking for Vehicle and Box

Choose from a range of e-locks
Secure vehicle and cargo boxes with one system
Use the same system with different manufacturers

Keyless Access

Easily lock and unlock by pushing a button
Access vehicle with contactless key or app
Easily manage lost contactless keys from the cloud

Internet of Things

Encrypted data transmission
Worldwide deployable
Fast communication with the cloud


Track and Trace

Know the location of your vehicles in real-time
Check delivery history
Track stolen vehicles

Fleet management

Remotely give/take access to vehicles
Drivers can reserve and unlock vehicles
Plan battery charging

Vehicle Telemetry

Predictive maintenance based on data
Data insight for fleet optimization
Vehicle and delivery statistics


Access data anywhere, anytime
Unify fleet management processes
Integrate data into your restaurant POS system


Get a competitive advantage with the PAZTIR® professional locking and tracking solution.