Paztir's Collaboration with New Dutch Cargo Bike Brand Cargo Cycling

A new brand that focuses solely on cargo bikes 

Cargo Cycling is a new brand equipped with Paztir Technologies that offers secure cargo cycling solutions for urban transport in the 'last mile delivery' industry.

Founded by Nijland Cycling, with their 30 years of expertise and as a leader in creating durable & sustainable bikes across the cycling industry, they've created a new brand that focuses solely on cargo bikes for the 21st century.

Cargo Cycling is thus completing and creating a strong foundation for a portfolio of efficient, smart and connected cargo bikes for green businesses of the future

We at Paztir are more than happy to be a part of this amazing journey!

Find out more about Cargo Cycling on their website.


Delivery bike manufacturer? 

Are you a cargo bike manufacturer and want to offer your customers a truly unique game changer?