Paztir system

A fully featured solution providing the ultimate in security, communication and control.Download detailed specifications here ▸



  • Cloud Connectivity

    Vodafone Global Machine-2-Machine SIM

  • GPS Tracking

    Can be used with or without lock operation

  • Connect to any 6-60V input voltage

  • Up to 3 locks attachable

    Control each lock individually

  • Accelerometer

    Force impact recognition

  • Audible notifications

  • QR code

    Easy identification and branding

  • Robust housing

    Secure, durable and waterproof (IP65 rating)

  • Integrated batteries 2x

    5-6 days operation without charging



  • Short range communication

    Secure unlocking only when the Beacon is nearby

  • Access management

Service app

  • Fleet manager sign-in

    Used with or without lock operation

  • Test/troubleshoot devices

  • Paztir support

    Log tests and direct share

  • Access device directly and test features

  • Perform FW upgrades


  • API access

    All system related information

  • Regular system updates

  • System maintenance

Web app

  • Key management

    Add/remove users, access credentials management

  • Access management

    All system related information

  • Vehicle management

    Add, remove or change device on a vehicle

  • Vehicle map

    Live locations of your whole fleet

  • Vehicle routing

    Used with or without lock operation

  • Distance and unlocks

    Per day, per vehicle

  • Battery status

    Vehicle and device

  • Remote unlocking

    Unlocking through the Cloud with fleet manager credentials

  • Full device log

    FW updates performed, locking/unlocking log, access credentials for each unlocking

These are the locks that we currently support. You can connect up to 3 locks to 1 Paztir device and drive them individually. If your lock is not on the list, please contact us here▸

Southco R4-M564
Box Lock

  • Microswitch to detect latch status

  • Push-to-close, electronic release

  • Auto re-lock functionality

  • Mechanical over-ride

  • Simple two-hole installation

  • Download specifications ▸

Southco EM-05 Box Lock

Paztir Box Lock


  • Drive two locks with same motor

  • Suitable for bigger structures

  • Diverse locking mechanisms availible to fit any of your locking needs

  • Download specifications ▸

AXA E-RL Bike Lock

Our robust cargo-box is made of 1 mm thick aluminium sheets, equipped with durable stacking corner pieces.

PAZTIR Cargo Box

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