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Paztir CEO Andrej Sobotkiewicz is Making the Case for Cycle Logistics at the POST-EXPO Conference

Paztir Optimisation SystemHall B1 Stand 426, POST-EXPO 2018, Hamburg Messe, Hamburg, 8 - 11 October 2018


Paztir, a dutch company producing an optimisation system for light electric vehicles in the Last Mile, announced that Andrej Sobotkiewicz, CEO of the company, will give a presentation focusing on containerisation, visibility and automation in cycle cogistics. The presentation will take place on the 11th October during the “Sustainability and urban congestion” session, moderated by Derek Osborn. Andrej will give his presentation at 11:00 hours.


In the presentation named “Making the Case for Cycle Logistics with Containerisation, Visibility and Automation”, Andrej argues that the container sizes used by light electric vehicles in the Last Mile must be standardized, matching the sizes used in the industry since the late 19th century, and shows which benefits that will bring.


The Paztir system supports containerisation, automates manual processes, and makes visibility in the Last Mile possible.


The hardware part of the Paztir system consists of a Paztir Device attached to the bike and a Keyless access token. The Device - a tough, IP65-rated weatherproof box - is the heart of the system, automatically controlling the locks, sending to, and receiving commands and data from the cloud, such as locking status and location. The Keyless is a handy, light token which acts as an contactless access key. When the Keyless is in proximity to the Device, unlocking happens simply by button press; otherwise the bike and box remain safely locked.


The Lock Automation feature allows riders to shave 30 valuable seconds off each delivery or collection. For a typical operator this adds up to a saving of up to 40-50 minutes per day, per vehicle. But as well as speed, security is also of paramount importance for cycle logistics operators. For this reason, Paztir includes built in features such as Force Impact Recognition and Audible Notifications, keeping packages, bikes and riders safe.


The Web App gives Fleet Managers a remote, cloud-connected overview, allowing them to track vehicles, compare performance, optimise processes and carry out User Management tasks such as Asset Tracking and Access Control.


“Last mile logistics are expensive and complicated. They make up for the biggest cost in the whole delivery process and have a huge impact on the environment. It's an urban jungle.” said Andrej Sobotkiewicz, Paztir CEO. “Paztir develops tools to bring deliveries on light electric vehicles in the Last Mile under control. We provide visibility, security and connectivity in order to reduce costs, minimize delays, and enable better customer experience for any logistics company using light electric vehicles.”


“Currently, because of manual, unstandardised processes, a delivery manager loses 40 minutes and every driver 30 minutes every day in sorting alone. Then there is another 40-50 minutes lost per driver to operate the manual bike and box locks.” Andrej says.


Notes to Editors

Paztir was founded in 2017 by Andrej Sobotkiewicz, Jure Vižintin, Jurij Čelešnik and Nerina Čorbadžić, and is based in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Their mission is simple: making cargo bikes competitive enough to become a significant and permanent part of last-mile logistics. To see how, visit the website at



Listen to Andrej’s speech at the POST-EXPO 2018 conference on the 11th October at 11:00 hours.


You can watch the live stream of the presentation on Paztir’s YouTube channel:


Visit Paztir at the POST-EXPO 2018 exhibition, Hall B1 Stand 426.


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