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Cloud connectivity (Vodafone Global Machine-2-Machine SIM)

GPS Tracking (Can be used with or without lock operation)

Connect to any 6-60V input voltage

Centralised locking (Up to 3 locks attachable)

Accelerometer (Force impact recognition)

Audible notifications

QR code (Easy identification and branding)

Robust housing (Secure, durable and waterproof (IP65 rating))

Integrated batteries 2x (5-6 days operation without charging)

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Wireless Key

Enables unlocking only when the right key is nearby

Dynamically change access key from the cloud

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Secure API access for integrations with other software

Regular system updates

System maintenance

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Web app

Key management

User management

Vehicle management (Add, remove or change device on a vehicle)

Vehicle location map (Live locations of your whole fleet)

Vehicle route history

Distance and unlocks (Per day, per vehicle)

Battery status (Vehicle and device)

Remote unlocking (Unlocking through the Cloud with fleet manager credentials)

Full device log (FW updates performed, locking/unlocking log, access credentials for each unlocking)

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Service app

Fleet manager sign-in

Test/troubleshoot devices

Paztir support (Log tests and direct share)

Access device directly and test features

Perform FW upgrades

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Paztir Locking System
Box Lock

Drive two locks with one motor

Best for containers with big doors

Diverse locking mechanisms available to fit any of your locking needs

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Off-the-shelf locks

The Paztir platform currently supports the market leaders of locking mechanisms:

  • Southco (container lock)
  • AXA E-RL (vehicle lock)

All off-the-shelf locks can be bought through Paztir during the ordering process.

Additional features

Additionally Paztir can:

  • Automate manual locks
  • Cut the power supply from battery to engine