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PAZTIR to RELEASE Electric Parking Brake at ICBF

Company will host special on-stand workshop

ICBF veterans PAZTIR have always been about making cycle logistics faster and easier. At this year's International Cargo Bike Festival they will officially launch their latest innovation; the Electric Parking Brake.

It features two world firsts for the cargo bike market.

Firstly, the fact that it is electric and can be operated at the touch of a button.

Secondly, that it immobilises a cargo bike by pulling on the brake cables, applying up to 50kg of force to the disc brakes. Ring-lock systems require users to adjust the position of the wheels in order to lock the bike; not easy with 200kg of cargo on board. With the Electric Parking Brake, this is not necessary.

Over the course of a day of deliveries, time spent repeatedly locking and unlocking bike and box locks accumulates. Along with the other elements of the PAZTIR system, the new Electric Parking Brake cleverly bypasses this process, allowing delivery companies to save significant chunks of time; time which can be spent making more deliveries, or reducing working hours. 

The Electric Parking Brake, the first of its kind, is unobtrusive and easy to use. Activated and deactivated at the touch of a button, it allows cycle couriers to make short delivery stops on cargo bikes without worrying about bike theft. It's also highly compatible; the Electric Parking Brake can be fitted to any cargo bike which has space for additional brake pads. No extra frame space necessary. 

Adding the Electric Parking Brake to a PAZTIR system is easy, and makes it possible to remotely monitor the status and location of the bike, including whether or not it is immobilised.

Courier lost the key? Until now, this means collecting the bike, cutting and replacing locks, and frustrating customers awaiting deliveries. Very time consuming. The PAZTIR system gets you back on the road immediately; it is possible to remotely lock or unlock the bike and box, and reassign Wireless Keys.

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Data from our customers tell us they are making between 80 and 150 stops per day. When you are locking and unlocking your cargo bike so many times a day, it all adds up in terms of time.

Cargo bikes cannot use traditional locks, the tires are fat and the frames are not standard. It is hard to find time and resources to develop your own lock when you are producing cargo bikes. Thats where PAZTIR comes in; as a specialised developer of efficient locking solutions for cargo bikes.

The Electric Parking Brake is just the latest development in our system, combining convenience with an extra level of security for cargo bike couriers; all at the touch of a button. The outcome is a market-ready immobiliser which makes cargo bike deliveries faster, and safer than ever before.

Andrej Sobotkiewicz , CEO of  PAZTIR

PAZTIR will be exhibiting at this year’s International Cargo Bike Festival in Groningen (14-16th June), in the Stadslab building. Join us at stand no. 4 to find out more.

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